Execution of the functions of the Building owner-Developer -

providing a full range of works and services to support all phases of construction project.

  • receiving and processing initial permits for project engineering;
  • technical maintenance of the project stage;
  • obtaining endorsements and opinions on the draft;
  • obtaining building permits, reconstruction;
  • coordination of design and construction firms;
  • engineering supervision;
  • presentation of the completed facilities to receive commission approval for startup;
  • obtaining Opinion letter about compliance of the ready-built facility, reception of the Act of object commissioning;
  • making of contract of electricity delivery, water supply;
  • registration of Facility.

General contract for building, capital repair, civic and industrial building overhaul

  • optimization of design, engineering, technology solutions and budget;
  • the implementation of its own excavation, installation work of roofing and elevation construction, concrete frame, masonry structure, door and window systems, internal and external engineering systems and finishing works;
  • tendering and selection of subcontractors to perform certain types of work, materials and equipment;
  • construction planning, development and supervision of schedules of work;
  • managing of the construction budget by the approved estimate;
  • quality control of performed works, materials used and constructions;
  • monitoring the compliance of the effort, value and quality of the project, building codes and regulations on the production and acceptance of these works;
  • monitoring compliance with safety regulations, fire safety, occupational health and safety, environment safety;
  • researching and application of new materials and construction technologies;
  • participation in quality construction checkup realized by oversight bodies;
  • preparing of executive documentation;
  • providing information on the progress of construction and expenditure of funds to Customer;
  • delivery of acceptance commission;
  • execution of the Guarantee;

Subcontract Works

  • «zero» cycle works;
  • stone and concrete works;
  • installation of metal constructions;
  • roofworks;
  • installation of facade constructions;
  • installation of domestic utilities (water, sewerage, ventilation and air conditioning, heating, electricity and low networks);
  • installation of external utilities (water, sewerage, electricity);
  • finishing works;
  • repairs;


Professional cleaning of premises, including after the construction and repair